social zone

What fun is owning an NFT if no one can even see that you own it? With traditional marketplaces, NFTs you purchase usually find themselves relegated to a page with dozens or even thousands of other NFTs one may own. It's easy to lose the diamond in the rough. That's why NFTz provides curation and search tools like no other platform on the internet.

Through the use of our "Gallery" feature, users can create their own customizable links to display whichever NFTs they desire in whatever order they'd like. For example, if you own 12 Bored Apes, you can create a page on NFTz just to show off your Bored Apes and display them on the page however you'd like. That page can then be quickly shared across social media so that you can flex to all of your friends, and perhaps even get a few offers on the ones you are looking to sell. If you aren't in the market to sell, then at least you can get some comments from those who admire your collection, thanks to the social features we incorporate into our platform.

Some 3D NFT examples